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Why Sonic Towing?!
• 20 Minutes Response Time to Any Location in the City
• Flat Price over the phone to every customer.
• 24/7 Emergency Service.
• Providing excellent Towing Services Since 1991.
We serve all of the greater Los Angeles area, including Downtown, East LA, and the surrounding areas. We also providing local and long distance towing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you need a “Jump Start”, Gas refill, if your car broke down, or was involved in an accident, we can be there for you in just 30 minutes.

We offer fast, reliable Roadside Assistant and Emergency Services. Our fleet can tow anything from Motorcycles, to Automobiles, to Trucks. If you need it towed, we can tow it!
We also provide Automobile Storage (both Indoor and Outdoor storage available).

Our goal is to reduce the stress and hassle associated with Towing.
Customer service and safety is our main priority!

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Los Angeles Towing Company: There When You Need Them

Every person that drives will most likely find themselves in need of a Los Angeles Towing Company during their driving lifetime. Anyone can find themselves dealing with a break down or auto accident. It’s simply one of the risks involved with driving. Vehicle problems and mishaps are common and the causes are many. Older vehicles that are poorly maintained or experience ongoing mechanical problems are most apt to cause problems.

Sometimes vehicles over heat in the summer or won’t start in cold temperatures. Still others may have more serious engine problems. Many newer cars and trucks now come with an internal computer system that warns of impending problems and may even prevent a vehicle from starting if the problem becomes serious enough. No matter the cause for your vehicle problems there’s always a dependable Los Angeles Towing Company available to offer their services. Whether you need car towing or truck towing they’ll be there for you.

Bad weather can make for some dangerous driving conditions, causing people to go off the road or end up in minor or even serious accidents. Adverse weather can account for a large number of calls to the Los Angeles Towing Company. Often these are minor accidents but when they are more serious, emergency services and police will need to be called. If you call a Los Angeles Towing Company and they are too busy they will make certain that help gets to you either through another towing company or emergency services to make sure you are safe.

Stranded Drivers can Rely on a Los Angeles Towing Company

It’s not too common to run out of gas these days since most new cars have a low fuel warning alarm. When a driver realizes that they are getting low on fuel, they’ll usually make a stop at the nearest gas station. Still drivers do end up with empty tanks and far from any gas station. If they’re near a station, a Los Angeles Towing Company can bring gas to you, if not vehicle towing may be necessary.

Quite often the driver for the Los Angeles Towing Company has at least some mechanical skills. You come out from work only to find your car won’t start. The driver will get your car running with a jump start to help you on your way. As long as he can get you started, you won’t have to pay for vehicle towing, just the service call for the trip out. Sometimes a car simply won’t start. If this is the case the driver will take you home, along with your car or drop it off at a garage. The good news in all of this is that if you have vehicle towing coverage through your insurance company or belong to AAA, your towing expenses will be taken care of.

When You Need Trailer Towing Call Your Local Los Angeles Towing Company

Most companies will also offer lowboy or flatbed trailer towing. Trailer towing is a going to be a lot easier on your vehicle. Towing a car or truck with a chain or hoist is not always good for the vehicle. It’s an easy task to load the vehicle on the trailer since it sits so low to the ground. If you need to move equipment from one construction site to another, or transport forklifts, farm equipment or large vehicles, trailer towing is probably the best method. Using a trailer for truck towing may be the best option when a tractor trailer becomes disabled Construction companies may find a trailer towing service convenient for hauling equipment from on site to another. Using a Los Angeles Towing Company can often save money on trailer maintenance and the required insurance.

Business Owners Need a Professional Los Angeles Towing Company

Business owners can benefit from tow away services provided by a Los Angeles Towing Company. Where parking spaces are hard to find, drivers will sometimes park in reserved parking spaces that are meant for customers or apartment residents. This leaves customers and tenants with no place to park. If you have this problem a professional Los Angeles Towing Company can help you out by taking the illegally parked cars from your property. This service rarely costs the lot owner anything.

Special tow away signs provided by the state are posted on the property by the Los Angeles Towing Company announcing to drivers that they risk having their vehicle towed away if they park in a restricted area. You can call the towing service to have illegally parked vehicles removed at any time once the signs are in place. A company dispatcher will send a tow truck to haul away the vehicle. The incident is detailed in writing, you are provided with a copy and the police are notified. There’s an added advantage to the posted signs in that they also contain an emergency number for customers or tenants if they need to call for help with their vehicle.

Monitor Your Private Parking Lot with a Los Angeles Towing Company

It’s also possible for property owners to set up a patrol schedule with the towing company. The Los Angeles Towing Company doesn’t set up a watch post on your property as a security company might but they will have a set schedule for monitoring the lot for unauthorized vehicles.

If the Los Angeles Towing Company driver spots an illegally parked car he will report in to the supervisor. The Los Angeles Towing Company supervisor will determine if the vehicle is indeed in violation and make the call as to whether it should be towed. Since there are many laws concerning vehicle towing, it’s important that the company is familiar with them. If a towing company doesn’t follow these laws to the letter, the property owner could be faced with a law suit involving car towing or damage to a vehicle. If a vehicle is towed away, the vehicle owner will then need to contact the Los Angeles Towing Company to reclaim his vehicle.

If you’re a business owner in need of someone to patrol your lot or a motorist stranded out on the highway, a Los Angeles Towing Company will always be available. They’ll be there with reliable towing service. From car towing and truck towing to trailer towing, you can count on your local Towing Company.
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